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Welcome to The Real Estate Investment Club of Austin (REICAUSTIN) in continuous operation since 1995. REICAUSTIN meets once a month on the second Tuesday of each month and is a group of like-minded people with an interest in facilitating real estate related activities regarding the buying and selling of residential and commercial properties. We meet to edify personal successes in real estate, educate each other, and help promote good real estate investing opportunities. All are welcome, active and passive investors, commercial and residential investors, those who service the real estate industry, and others just interested in the world of real estate and want to learn, network, and prosper together. We are a major resource center promoting real estate related activities and assisting you toward your success in the real estate industry.

Attention Homeowners: Are you experiencing any of the following issues?
- Death in the family or vacant house (Non-use of an inherited property?)
- Health issues (Overwhelming medical bills?)
- Divorce (Need to sell the house quickly)
- Disaster (Fire damage, bankruptcy, unpaid insurance claims, lawsuits, etc)
- Pending foreclosure
- Bad tenants
- Pending liens you can not pay at this time
- Soon to be transferred to another location
- You owe more on the house then it is worth

REICAUSTIN can help! REICAUSTIN can sell your property quickly for a fair price!

Please come to REICAUSTIN's monthly meeting or contact us, let REICAUSTIN show you how we can help resolve your conflicts. Let REICAUSTIN put your worries behind you.


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REICAUSTIN News You Can use

13 April 2014
If you do not know or have not heard (you must have your head buried in the sand) about “heartbleed” then you need to pay attention. If you use any of the following social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others; Google and its various android services such as Google, Google+, Bing, and others; as well as various online services such as Yahoo, OKCupid, Blackberry Messenger, Secure Work Spaces, Cisco, Juniper products and more. What you will need to do is change your password on all of those services by using at least 8 characters (10 or more is better) and including lowercase, uppercase letters, numbers, and when permissible specials characters !,#,$,%,*, -, and +. If you do not heed this and other warnings, you will suffer the consequences.


21 March 2014

Austin Market Statistics for February 2013

Homes Sold 1,1761 up 9% from February 2013
Median Sales Price 230,530 up 11% from February 2013
Days on Market 55 Down 16 days from February 2013
Active Listings 4,591 Down 7% from February 2013
Pending Sales 2,118 Down 5% from February 2013
Months of Inventory 2 Down 0.6% month from February 2013

REICAUSTIN Mortgage Analysis for the week ending 12 April 2014

For Historical Mortgage Data from Inside Mortgage Finance go to

Freddie Mac Weekly Primary Mortgage Rate Last update 4/11/2014

National Mortgage
Rates Average
Rate Points Change
30 Year firm 4.34% 0.7 - 0.07
15 Year firm 3.38% 0.6 - 0.09
1 Year ARM 2.41% 0.5 - 0.04
5/1 Year ARM 3.09% 0.5 - 0.03







National Fixed Rate Mortgage figures go to

Best Rates update 4/11/2014

Best Rates Yesterday Today
30 Year FIRM 4.35% 4.34%
15 year 3.37% 3.36%
FHA 30 Year Fixed 3.75% 3.75%
Jumbo 30 Year Fixed 4.12% 4.11%
5/1 Year ARM 3.25% 3.24%


Meeting Information

Meets 2nd Tuesday
each month

Next Meeting:
8 April 2014

New Investors
Start at 6:30 p.m.

General Meeting and Presentation
Start at 7:00 p.m.

Meeting Information:

Country Inn & Suites
7400 North IH-35
Austin, TX 78752

Speaker: Mr. Sungho Yoo
Title of Presentation: (TBA)


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